A day of many things…

Right, so I got off my @ss after spending three days of doing pretty much nothing and vegging, well why not, I’m on leave after all!

Did some shopping, did some needed DIY around the house and later this afternoon meeting the BLI boys for leaving drinks, another end of an era, but I’m sure we’ll still be in touch in some or other way, shape or form, in the future.

Hmmm, a little dissapointed with final episode of Amazing Race last night – I guess the whole reality-TV show is getting a bit old now. Watched WALL-E with the kids the other day and it was pretty good. Amazing how about 30 mins of the movie without any dialogue (other than “Waaaall-E” and “Eeeeeva”) actually wasn’t boring but quite entertaining. Nice message throughout the movie, which I doubt kids will get immediately but I’m sure it will sit in their subconsciousness.


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