Do you speak “Kids”?

I went for my orientation session at the new company yesterday, after lunch, and found it interesting to learn how they do things, who does what, and what’s important to them – people! One of the main reasons I signed up with them. I can’t understand how companies (big ones too!) don’t focus on their people, their most valuable resource. But I digress…

Later that afternoon we had a socialising session with drinks and snacks and I got to meet quite a few people – nice, friendly and easy to talk to people. I’m quite excited about starting there in a week’s time! I was chatting to a colleague – mutual friend of another friend of mine – who also has a child (a son, who will be two at the end of this year) and it was interesting how quickly a topic of conversation can focus on children when the parties chatting have kids.

Even later on in the evening I was at home and I gave another friend (and ex-colleague) of mine a call, who’d just become a father on Monday, and the majority of our 40-minute conversation was… you guessed it, kids! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I just find it interesting. I guess it stems from the fact that as a parent, you’re really proud of what you had a part in creating. Even our local DJ (who recently became a dad) finds it intriguing. He echos the same thoughts as I have about kids, so instead of repeating myself you can read further what he has to say.


3 Responses to “Do you speak “Kids”?”

  1. Hey dude, can’t blame me for the content of that 40-minute conversation. I am new at this and the experience was/is … well … overwhelming.

    Anyway, maybe we can change the conversation … let me tell you about my brand new very very very nice looking 19″ Samsung 932 GW 🙂

  2. Hehe, no blame dude – except when you rub that little (or not so little) Samsung in my face 😛

  3. […] little over a year ago I was rambling on (one of my first few posts) about meeting the new company I would be joining. A lot has happened in […]

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