The Art Of Water

Water feature in Las Vegas

Water feature in Las Vergas

I’m sure you’ve seen, either in person, or on TV/video some awesome looking waterfalls like the one at the Wynn in Las Vegas or something like the picture alongside.

But what you may not have yet seen is actual pictures and text being created using an electronically controlled waterfall. 
If you’ve been to any of the big motor-shows around the world you may have seen the Jeep one but today I found another one taken at Canal City – have a look for yourself, and be mesmerised.
According to the Jeep guys, it uses about 3000 computer-controlled jets using a similar principal to ink-jet printers and uses about 1000 galons of water, which is filtered and recycled by the unit. They take about 4 days to install and set up and due to splashing and evaporation need to top it up with about 20 galons of water each day.
Canal City Waterfall City

Canal City Waterfall Feature


2 Responses to “The Art Of Water”

  1. Quarter throttle, an important feature when running slower in choppy water, and provides an efficient cruise speed at 30 to 75 percent throttle. Water Feature

  2. Very interesting! Thanks for the blog posting

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