Poll: 5 day or 4 day work week

Have you ever considered the possibility? And if so, which would you opt for? The normal 8 hours a day, 5 days a week to comprise your 40-hour work week with 2 days break inbetween or would you rather work an extra 2 hours each day for a 4 day week with a more balanced 3 day weekend?

 With the longer summers we have and mostly good weather I’d opt for the 4 day week. Less travelling into the city, means less congestion and less pollution and would save you money. Or would you make up the difference spending it on your day off?


Wouldn’t people just be more productive with those extra few hours to finish off tasks in the day, and be more refreshed on Monday morning after a 3 day break?


3 Responses to “Poll: 5 day or 4 day work week”

  1. I vote for something completely different, which blew my mind when I first saw it implemented years ago cos it was completely out of the box back then. The “leave when you’re done” week – come in, do your stuff, go. Doesn’t require set hours, and certainly motivates you to get cracking on what’s expected of you – the sooner you’re done, the sooner you’re gone. Of course that also implies your employer knows what you’re supposed to do – and you do too. And that you’re not over-employed with too much on your plate to actually use the system well…

  2. I think that could work well where you’ve got internal (company product-related) tasks to do (and the management of these tasks is done properly and everyone involved knows what needs doing and what gets done). Although for me, where I work on client-related work (or as my current job entails, working onsite) it becomes a bit more difficult to work like that.

  3. Yup – and therein lies the problem. You have to have measureable tasks that don’t involve waiting around for a customer to turn up – things you can say “this was what was needed today, and it’s done” instead of a project that will take you a year to complete (if you’re lucky). It’s the kind of situation that certainly wouldn’t work for a lot of industries.

    So as an alternative I vote 4-day work week – or perhaps the 4-hour one (http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/)! 🙂

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