Windows Error Messages Explained

We’ve all experienced them before. Scratching our heads looking at those messages not really knowing what they mean, what caused them or what we’re really supposed to do about them now that they’ve presented themselves. Well here’s a page that answers those questions – finally, we’ll all be enlightened!

Go and take a look for yourself!


6 Responses to “Windows Error Messages Explained”

  1. this is so cool! thanks for the link! i love the “mouse move change” error!

    today at my company the IT desk was tellin peeps that “when you start-up, and you see psycheldic colours, don’t worry, that’s normal and dell is aware of the problem”

  2. LOLOLOLOL!! Nice one….So where’s the error that says “We’re too rich and ubiquitous to bother fixing these bugs. You need us more than we need you. Neener neener neener.”

  3. @S – yeah Windows OS is almost like that where you need to reboot after moving your mouse – thank goodness it’s improved, somewhat!

    @fayyaad – that message is implied, doesn’t need a dialog box 😉

  4. fecknusername Says:

    Hahaha! Love these messages! My personal most hated one is the ‘we have updated something do you want to re-start now or later’ one. We hateses it, yes we does!!

  5. @fecknusername – and then you click on “no later” then “later” it pops up at the most inopportune time when you just happen to be clicking – and then you end up clicking on “reboot now” – FAIL!

  6. fecknusername Says:

    YES!!! For some reason it reminds me of those point and shoot games where they try and get you to shoot at a forbidden target in order to get you to lose points. I always think I’ve lost 1000 points by clicking ‘re-start now’ because it pops up unexpectedly in the middle of a document I’m working on. Bastiches!

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