Project 10 to the 100th – Win $10 million USD

Interested in possibly winning $10 million US Dollars? Well Google’s giving that as a first prize to the one with the most innovative idea for helping as many other people as possible. Visit Google’s 10 to the 100th so you can find our more about how it works and submit your idea. But hurry, submission deadline is October 20th, 2008.



2 Responses to “Project 10 to the 100th – Win $10 million USD”

  1. What do you think of my idea? Check it out at

  2. I wish Google all the best with this great competition. Lets hope Google finds some world changing ideas. With all that is happening in the news today we need something.

    When you start to think about it, how do you truly help people? Our world is driven by self interest and greed. Full marks to Google for trying to stimulate the opposite – Altruism .

    Check out this blog where a group of people are trying to bestow to the world with a joint suggestion.

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