Jeff Dunham ringtone banned in SA – deemed offensive

Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham


Funnyman ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is fuming after a ringtone advertisement based on his popular comedy skit, “Achmed the Dead Terrorist,” was scrubbed from South African TV because it mocks Islam.  – FOXNews

I’d be just as mad about this as Jeff was – it’s comedy for Pete’s sake – if you don’t approve of it, then don’t listen to it! You can read the full article and see Jeff’s comments. I sincerely hope this doesn’t diminish our chance of maybe one day having Jeff performing in South Africa.


3 Responses to “Jeff Dunham ringtone banned in SA – deemed offensive”

  1. Everyone is just soo sensitive. Great post!

  2. it is so shapiro-like! and he survived the media! (what happened to shapiro’s last cartoon, do you know? the one where JC is “raping” justice, with the ANC crew looking on?)

    I love it when comedians push buttons, and we need to continue to let them! they help us examine all our whys and behaviours.

    Then, on another hand, I was telling my geek that only at a comedy show do you let yourself be, willing, humiliated and poked-fun-at. no-where else are we so desperate for this type of entertainment. you can feel the build-up prior to a show as well “will we be targeted? what will we say? etc” but as soon as it’s taken out of htat “safe environmnet”, we start feeling afraid, and hey, we are anti the jokes.

    and lastly, crazy thing is, more muslims friends of mine told me about mr man and achmed … very few western peeps did! if they can laugh at it, why mustn’t I?

  3. @S – well said. That’s just what so many people don’t understand. We all know the stereotypes out there – what people just don’t get is that by making fun of stereotypes we can show how silly they are. If we can’t laugh at ourselves there’s something seriously wrong.

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