[Just for fun] Are you dominantly right-brained or left-brained?

Which way is the girl in the picture below turning, clockwise or anti-clockwise?

Apparently depending on which side of your brain is more dominant you see her either turning clockwise or anti-clockwise. I guess for me both, since depending when I look at her I see her sometimes turning clockwise and other times anti-clockwise.  A test you can try if you only see her going in one direction is to cover up the top half of her body so that only her legs show and you can either see her standing on her right leg turning anti-clockwise or on her left leg turning clockwise.

Or is it all just BS and the animated GIF changes direction on it’s own? 😉


12 Responses to “[Just for fun] Are you dominantly right-brained or left-brained?”

  1. for the majority of the time, she is standing still for me; does that mean I am normal?

    does how i look at the pic change the interpretation of it? for eg: if my laptop is upside down, and i am hanging upside down on the couch, and i see her turn clockwise, what does that mean?

  2. re your BS comment – there is a fair probability that it is BS; but then maybe not.

    it does, though, create interesting conversations?

    on that note – would i feel safer to admit to seeing a direction in a comment field, compared to when i am talking to you face-to-face? if we are in a group discussing this, i most likely will agree with the group’s opinion, and not tell them that i see something else – hence maintaining my group identity. sad, in a way, but survival instinctive.

  3. Hi,

    The animated picture does not change direction on its own. You can confirm that by using animated GIF software. Not only that but you can ?(when you get the hang of it) change the direction at will which indicates that a timed changing of direction isn’t possible.

    You might be interested on the recent small survey performed on the readers of the science blog “Cognitive Daily”. The conclusions are quite interesting, and have no relation to left/right brainedness.


  4. @S – it’s the nature of us humans, adapt or die instinct – if it’s safer to agree with the crowd so as not to feel ousted you will 🙂 LOL, maybe you should try a practical experiment and see if you can make her turn the other way, I take no responsibility if you fall over though 🙂

    @James – some interesting results there on that post. Yeah I know the GIF doesn’t change direction, just threw it in there as a little curve ball. I also know it doesn’t have a direct correlation to being right/left brained but thought it would make the post more interesting. There’s in fact so very little we actually know about the human brain and considering the actual amount of our brain that we apparently only use, it’s not surprising it’s still such a mystery.

  5. Okay, I see why you said those things, it does draw the reader in to the article and I agree that the curveball was fun to think about. But what I think is a concern is leaving the reader with a question which appears to appeal to a particular (fallacious) answer. If a person does not understand animated GIFs then they could easily be inclined to believe that the computer is tricking them (magical thinking).

    Perhaps it is a little silly to study people’s reactions to the picture above (I know that’s not what you are saying) but to cognitive psychologists it is a peak into the deeper workings of the brain. It is true that we know little about the workings of the brain but that shouldn’t stop inquiry into that area. Every day it becomes less and less of a mystery.

    And finally, I just have to mention this (I don’t know if you know or are just playing devil’s advocate) because it leaves an unanswered question with an appeal to fallacious thinking (again). You said …

    There’s in fact so very little we actually know about the human brain and considering the actual amount of our brain that we apparently only use, it’s not surprising it’s still such a mystery.

    “we apparently only use”? We use 100% of our brains otherwise we would not have evolved the large brains that we have. It is true that each person does not explore their full potential (for example; not everyone is an astrophysicist or quantum theorist doing cutting-edge mathematics every day) but that does not mean that 60% or 90% or whatever amount of the brain is “unused” by the non-astrophysicists.

  6. @James – I’m no neuro-specialist but I do know that they’ve managed to map certain areas of the brain to certain functions we form, sight, speech, motor, etc but there are still many aspects thereof that are not 100% certain, as is the amount of each area of the brain that is actually in use. If you can show me medical proof that they have found us humans actually utilising 100% of our brain as opposed to only a small percentage, I’ll retract my comment about the quantity of our brain we actually use – but that has been my understanding so far and I’ve not seen any breakthroughs as of yet stating otherwise.

    Also it can be noted that this post was tagged with “fun” and “funny” as well as being categorised under “Funny” which to the reader will denote that this should not necessarily be taken as fact or medical proof. This isn’t a medical/science blog and I don’t purport to be a medical/science specialist. Oh and don’t forget the winking emoticon next to my comment about the animated GIF – didn’t think it was necessary to be explicit in the fact that it was a joke.

    Hope that clears things up.

  7. I take your point that this post is labelled “Fun” but it is also tagged “left brain”, “right brain” – as is the title. There are ways of learning about all sorts of newly discovered psychological information which are also fun, and most readers are not going to follow-up on something to find out if it really is true because – to them – it’s just another fun fact.

    Of course this entire discussion is way off what you originally posted and I will not be aggrieved if you choose to delete the comments that I have made – I completely agree that this is becoming off-topic rather rapidly.

    I know that it is tough to infer tone by reading a text comment but I honestly, genuinely and sincerely am not trying to be aggressive here. The only reason that I continue to reply is that I would like to ask you to think about the basic assumptions in some of the statements that you have made. I have personally found that when other people have questionned my basic assumptions, that I find it a great learning experience to go and discover the evidence for or against my assumptions and re-evaluate them.

    I have found many resources describing why the “only X% of the brain is used” myth is incorrect. But if I just post links here then what’s the point? Wouldn’t you find it interesting to find the same stuff that I did? Among them is an article from CSICOP and Scientific American magazine who both state that the entire brain is used – not all at the same time, but the entire brain is useful. A great analogy from the CSICOP article is the utilisation of muscles:

    Just as people don’t use all of their muscle groups at one time, they also don’t use all of their brain at once. For any given activity, such as eating, watching television, making love, or reading Skeptical Inquirer, you may use a few specific parts of your brain. Over the course of a whole day, however, just about all of the brain is used at one time or another.

  8. @James – even under the “left brain” tag the entry still displays the other tags, namely “fun” and “funny” but in the interest of closing off this thread – I’ve added “[Just for fun]” to the title.

    As for deletion of comments, I believe in free speech and since my blog is public domain I will leave your comments for others to read – there’s nothing defamatory or crude in it. Besides, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion after all.

    You’re 100% correct there, those assumptions I made, were exactly that, assumptions. If I state anything as fact on any of my blog postings, I posted related material to back it up.

    Thanks for the reference to the CSICOP and Scientific American magazine, I’m sure the other readers that wish to follow this topic more closely can look them up.

    WRT posting of links, I don’t think it takes the “fun” out of finding things out for one’s self as those that are interested will dig further themselves and those that are mildly interested could follow the link referred to.

    All in all, I think we can leave this discussion where it is. Feel free to come back again and comment on other topics in future.

    Everyone’s welcome 🙂

  9. i will need to get back to you on the experiment … i recently accidently spilled apple juice all over my laptop. i have been banned from doing cool things with the computer right now, like hanging off the couch 😦 (i have sticky keys! how’s that for a pun?)

    life is unfair sometimes!

  10. @S – oh no, laptop keys and liquids just aren’t friends – hope you get it sorted quick!

  11. quick update on my keyboard (it sounded like you cared, and weren’t at all judgemental about my apply juice drinking abilities) so i thought i would give you an update: byron has this script that re-maps the keys, and he wrote one for my [ key. for a while m[y ty[[[ing[[[loo[k[ed[[lik[e[t[h[i[s. byron also got me a cordless keyboard (he is such a romantic) and has made vague remarks that anytime i press it key, it sounds like burnt sugar crackling (you know, like when you bite into a candy apple). but, all in all, it still functions and i can still type.

    and the chick still does very little for me. only on the odd time does she turn clockwise. does this mean i am still normal?

  12. @S – glad you’re typing “normally” again. What is normal – I sometimes see her turning clock-wise and other times anti-clock wise – but if I look just at her feet I can make her change direction 🙂

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