Cape Town mayor named World Mayor

Mayor of Cape Town, Helen Zille 


Mayor of Cape Town, Helen Zille

I don’t know where I’ve been but I somehow missed out that there was a competition going on amongst 280 nominated mayors from around the globe. According to the project, they have no affiliation with any city or organisation and run strictly in a non-commercial capacity. 

So what’s the reason for this post? Just as the title says, not only did our mayor of Cape Town, Helen Zille, make the top 11 but she made number 1. But as she said on her interview on KFM this morning, it’s not an honour she can accept alone, as her job cannot be done by one person, it takes a team (her mayoral staff, her family, and us the residents of Cape Town).


4 Responses to “Cape Town mayor named World Mayor”

  1. Where’s boris? Boris rules!

    (in case anyone is wondering who is boris – he’s the clumsy idiot of a mayor of london, who gets lots of pr)

  2. @S – guess he just didn’t make the grade 🙂 How’s Gordon doing as PM? I thought he did quite well as Finance Minister while we were there.

  3. flash gordon is splash gordon right now! rumour has it he created the financial crisis so that he can shine in the world arena … no kidding – he seems to be handling things much better now, but if it wasn’t for the crisis, his popularity woldnt be rising. peeps were very anti-gordon for a while (which made things interesting when boris stepped into the picture cos boris is the anti-gordon playboy “you’re fired” type of guy)

  4. @S – if things like that didn’t happen, well, politics just wouldn’t be politics, I guess 🙂

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