London from above – Jason Hawkes

Tower Bridge and the Thames. (© Jason Hawkes)

Tower Bridge and the Thames. (© Jason Hawkes)

Last week, I posted about Yann-Arthus Bertrand who took some amazing photos of earth from above. This week I’ve been shown more photos in the same style by Jason Hawkes. Take a look at the post on for 19 incredible photos (makes me feel a little nostalgic). Thanks to Babis for letting me know.

With the end of the Olympics in Beijing, all eyes turned for a moment to London, site of the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics. While looking for good photographs of London, I was contacted by London photographer Jason Hawkes, who had some wonderful images of London, seen from above at night (from a helicopter, to be exact) – some of which which he’s agreed to let me share here. From Jason: “Shooting aerial photography during the daytime had its own difficulties, you are strapped tightly into a harness leaning out of the helicopter, shouting directions through the headsets to the pilot. If shooting in the day can be difficult, night and the lack of light causes its own set of problems, but overcoming them is half the fun and the results can be stunning. I shoot at night using the very latest digital cameras, mounted on either one or two gyro stablazied mounts, depending on the format of the camera and length of lens I’m having to use.”  – Source


5 Responses to “London from above – Jason Hawkes”

  1. very cool pics, thank you!

    admittedly, i have no regrets moving here. i think i have become spoilt with the choice available (although the food leaves a lot to be desired, and it’s boody expensive, but that is part of the charm). it’s a very special place; a place you can achieve a lot in; and be whoever you want to be – i think that is the part i enjoy the most (apart from reading on the tube – i still cant get over that there will be a crush of people on the train, but you will leave enough space for yourself to read your newspaper! and this is accepted behaviour!)

  2. oh – i just finished reading “day of the triffids” – things look different after reading that!

  3. @S – agreed, we made the most of our time while living in London and what I liked the most was probably the fact that it was so easy/accessible to travel around the country and to other countries – so much easier than traveling form SA. I do miss reading on the train in the mornings to work. I think I did more reading in the 3.5 years there than in my entire life – now sadly I think I’ve barely read half a dozen books since being back in SA (tad difficult to read while driving to work).

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  5. […] has featured Jason Hawkes’ photos a number of times before and I’ve re-posted those here and here. Today they’re featuring another sample of 26 photos he took while flying over […]

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