Do you go iPhone or do you go G1 Android?

Google’s phone the G1 running it’s Android OS has been released recently and it’s hailed to be the iPhone successor/killer – but upon further investigation and actual use of the phone it would appear you might be better off holding of for a G2 or the G1 v2.0 instead.

To find out why, read Erick Schonfeld’s post on TechCrunch where he explains his experience with the G1 in comparison to the iPhone and you’ll quickly see that, even though the G1 has some nice features and those missing on the iPhone, there are still things that need a little work before it really does become the competitor or successor of the iPhone.


4 Responses to “Do you go iPhone or do you go G1 Android?”

  1. What about the SE Xperia X1?

  2. @David – I was never a fan of Ericsson’s phones before they joined with Sony and definitely not after. I’ve looked a little at it’s features before but don’t like the curved design – if you can find an independent comparison, feel free to post the link in the comments.

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