Hardcore Computer – custom liquid immersed computers

I’m sure you’ve seen modded computer cases before – all the hardcore gamers have them, tricked up with silent cooling mechanisms, flashing lights and digital displays constantly giving temperature and fan readings. But you may not have seen modded computer cases that are immersed in liquid for ultra-cooling. 

Puget Systems showed us how they built a fish-tank PC – now Hardcore Computers takes it to the next level with a stylish design and the most powerful desktop components out there. Take a look for yourself.

[UPDATE: 26 October 2008]
I found a review with some great photos on Maximum PC.


4 Responses to “Hardcore Computer – custom liquid immersed computers”

  1. very nice! I need to update my Xmas list now … does amazon.co.uk sell this?

  2. @S – hehe, not sure if they stock it yet – but I hope you’ve budgeted for it – I saw prices of about USD5,000 for a machine!

  3. gosh! that’s like … GBP 2!

  4. @S – hehe, well then get me a couple too 😉

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