Big brother is watching you – through your printer!

Did you know that most colour laser printers and copiers imprint a special code made up of tiny yellow dots which, according to the EFF, contains information about the printer’s serial number and date/time the print was made? Well, apparently so, say the people at the EFF. See the video below explaining it in a bit more detail:



Or maybe, it’s just printer manufacturers having a laugh. What do you think?


3 Responses to “Big brother is watching you – through your printer!”

  1. Yes, Big brother is wtaching what you print!

    cool thought (well, i think so, given that it’s my thought!) – can they use this to track peeps who kill trees? so, managers can pull reports as to who printed what, and then make peeps environmentally responsible?

  2. What about good old black and white printers… No yellow dots there, eh?

  3. @S – I guess maybe they could if the trees have a special imprint on the paper too – remember those TPS reports might come back to bite you 😉

    @texas buddha – I guess it’s a little harder to conceal with only black toner so I guess those are safe still. But you never know they may be printing those little dots in “white” 😉

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