MySpace – making the web uglier


You know, back in the early days of the Internet people were left to their own devices and added scrolling marquees, flashing text and TONS of animated GIFs to their pages to “spruce” (sic) them up. And as the Internet became more popular among more people, others too, who weren’t that technically (?) minded, wanted their own space on the Internet too – along came blogging tools and websites offering easy ways to publish your own content online.ย 

Even though I’ve had various personal, company and group-related websites up since the mid-90’s I’ve only been active on the blogosphere for the past 3 months, and I’m glad I did a little bit of research before starting – especially when it comes to picking a blogging-tool.

I initially was going to go with my own provider’s blogging tool but I didn’t like the templates, features or usability. The same applied to Blogger and MySpace (and boy was I warned about MySpace). I really thought the early days of ugly websites were gone by about 2000 but it seems MySpace has provided a platform for people to create ugly sites again (like they did when they first created and releases MS FrontPage). I’ve been to about a dozen or so MySpace pages of various people I’ve wanted to see profiles of and I’ve yet to see a decent looking page on that platform other than (maybe, at ย stretch) the MySpace home page.

So then I finally settled on and looking back, I’m very happy I did.



5 Responses to “MySpace – making the web uglier”

  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember first tinkering with notepad and getting an extreme basic webage going in 1995. Animated gifs and banners were personal achievements that took work back then!

    Agree, MySpace assaults the senses ๐Ÿ™‚

    I enjoy taking a step back in time occasionaly and looking how corporate organisation’s websites looked:

    Quite fascinating..

  2. @Jimbob – yeah that was also the way I learnt how to code in HTML – open up a web site, check the source in Notepad and play around with it on my machine figuring out what the different tags do and then creating my own pages.

    Yeah it is a laugh using the Wayback machine to look at websites pre-2000 ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I spit on ugly websites – pew

    As a succcccccker for eye-candy I must agree with you D – myspace sucks. They should change to name to mycrapspace.

    I think the problem lies in giving too much power to the users. Now I must say that I am a proponent of empowering users but only to the extent where it does not remove anything from the service or offering.

    Myspace could have gone the route of other templating sites which allows the user some freedom for expression but limits them in the graphical damage they can wreak on the res t of us.

    In terms of shock value myspace is right up there with goatse and 2gic ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. @Dre – exactly mate. MySpace should rather have stuck to what they originally did, offering an online storage facility – back then it looked good and it worked.

    You just *had* to go and mention goatse and 2g1c on my blog now didn’t you? ๐Ÿ˜‰ You forgot to throw in the lemon party and tubgirl while you were at it.

  5. […] thanks to Deems’ commenteur for the link to this […]

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