Kids: 1st Graduation

We attended our kids’ creche’s graduation ceremony last night. It’s hard to believe how quicky the last 4+ years have gone. Melissa (now 6) is growing up quickly and next year she’ll be going to Grade 1.

Rebecca (2) received her certificate for the year. Lighting is terrible at the front of the stage. 

Rebecca with her certificate

The graduating class walked in pairs from the back of the hall towards the stage holding candles while Josh Grobin’s song “You Raise Me Up” was playing – perfectly selected to give you that lump in your throat.

We’re also very proud of Melissa and her best-friend, Elzaane, for sharing the floating trophy award for being the top performing students of their class. My wife’s sentiments can be read here.

Elzaane and Melissa

You can view the music video below of Josh Grobin performing “You Raise Me Up”.


2 Responses to “Kids: 1st Graduation”

  1. congrats! this is so cool! grade 1 – i remember my first day!

  2. @S – thanks, me too – almost surreal to think that now my kids are going to go through what seemed like not that long ago for us.

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