Is Apple building a Search Engine?

apple-logoIt seems these day’s everyone wants a piece of the pie with competition hotting up on the mobile market (competing touch-screen brands) and Google having recently entered the browser market. And it seems Apple is no different – with Google competing with them in the mobile market with Android it sounds like they’re possibly planning their own search engine. Seems Apple might want to take Microsoft on on more than just OS.


2 Responses to “Is Apple building a Search Engine?”

  1. gheesh! hohum! no comment.
    so everyone will be offering everything; competition will be blurred and identifying characteristics of each co merged into one.
    love this “we can do it better than you” attitude.
    let the companies expand! more jobs for the corporate slaves!
    tell me something new, something exciting, the new “apple” idea (with “apple” representing creativity and ingenuity, not something the actual company is right now)

  2. @S – There are some things that certain people/companies are better at than others. But if you don’t test the waters you’ll never know – I guess they think they can tackle the world of search – only time will tell whether they’re good at it or not. After all, those companies are in the business to make money.

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