Anti-Smoking Campaigns

If you haven’t figured it out yet, smoking kills – and to bring the point across there’s a collection of anti-smoking adverts from around the world on Funtasticus. Click on the image below to follow the link to the post with more adverts. 



2 Responses to “Anti-Smoking Campaigns”

  1. I’m a non-smoker or better, an Anti-Smoker. I really don’t care if a smoker wants to kill himself by smoking a pack a day. I do care if he puffs his

    second hand smoke into my face. I even care if he does it to his own innocent kids. Actually, deep inside, I think that every smoker would like to quit and

    free themselves from that addiction and slavery to cigarette smoking. They just can’t quit. They are hooked for life.
    Smoker, go to this website:
    Give it a try and save yourself. Your kids or some other members of your family will love you for that.

  2. Amen to all of that!

    I’m an Avid Non-Smoker, and very allergic to smoke.

    I got excited over the newest technology which I believe offers Smokers a real chance to wean themselves from their addiction, but it also removes the deadly toxins and second-hand smoke when they use it!

    After many attempts to quit, a Smoker would have certain obstacles they needed overcome to successfully kick the habit. When I’ve talked with my addicted Loved Ones and Acquaintances, I’ve picked up on some of the necessary features that would be helpful in contributing to successful weaning of oneself off of cigarettes:

    1) It would have to satisfy the addiction to Nicotine, and provide a multi-level staged approach, to allow Smokers to wean themselves off of this chemical, all the way down to ZERO.
    2) It would have to be enjoyable enough for the Smoker to stick with the program and not give up too soon.
    3) It would have to be affordable. If it COST LESS THAN CIGARETTES, that would be a Big Plus! They would be more likely to substitute this healthier alternative for their smoking habit, and stick with it!
    4) One obstacle seldom dealt with is the Smokers’ need to find “something to do with their hands” when cutting back.
    5) It would have to be safe and provide a Healthier Alternative to Smoking!
    6) If it could also satiate the oral fixations of Smokers, it could help curb the usual weight gain associated with quitting. Weight gain is a common reason Smokers return to smoking!!!
    7) It should come with a Money Back Guarantee if you don’t like the product, don’t you think?

    The new technology I found meets all the above, and the company I promote is the #1 in quality and Customer Satisfaction for this technology. Right now, they’ll even give you a credit on your first purchase if you turn in your competing brand.

    They even satisfied point #5 by having their product Independently Tested! There were no measurable Toxic or Carcinogenic emissions found when using this product! Even the electrical emissions were tested as safe!

    The FDA will not allow me to claim this technology is a Quit Smoking device. All I can do is state facts. Given the facts above, you be the judge. Do the math. Do you think a device that offered the attributes above would be beneficial in a Stop Smoking campaign?

    I’ve lost loved ones to Cancer. I have loved ones who have started smoking. I want them to QUIT! I want them all to join the Clean Lung Club! I’ll even help them get started with a Coupon to save 5% off of their first order, or 10% off of a purchase of $100 or more. Just enter the code: disc5.716 or disc10.716 when ordering.

    Go to

    I would very much appreciate any testimonials you’d like to share with me! It’s my goal to get as many people to stop smoking as I possibly can!

    On a side note, … as a Christian, I know Christians who also struggle with this addiction, and they are ashamed and feel defeated! Don’t feel ashamed! Don’t give up! You CAN quit! Not only that, but you don’t have to SMELL LIKE AN ASHTRAY while you still smoke. This technology doesn’t emit any foul tobacco odors or sticky residue, like cigarettes!!!

    Join the Clean Lung Club, and give me your testimony!

    If you don’t use this technology, don’t give up! Do something – just QUIT!!!

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