Tilt-shift photography

Tilt-shift photography refers to the use of camera movements on small- and medium format cameras. In many cases, it refers to tilting the lens relative to the image plane and using a large aperture to achieve a very shallow depth of field. – source Wikipedia

I’ve seen a number of these types of photographs before some are done with expensive lenses and aothers are done with post-processing in applications such as Photoshop. Here are a few I recently saw on Funtasticus – I don’t have a list of the original photographers so cannot give credit. You can view more of them on the Funtasticus post.


London street


Tennis cour from above


Beach scene tilt-shifted


Sumo-wrestling match


Model town



5 Responses to “Tilt-shift photography”

  1. Looking at these hurts my eyes a bit. I take it that the blurriness is deliberate? Sorry I don’t have anything positive to say except that im sure the original photos were rather nice.

  2. @Galen – unfortunately the blurring out parts of the image is one of the things that is required to achieve that “scale model” look.

  3. […] Tilt-shift photography – monster truck rally I recently showed you some examples of tilt-shift photography – well take a look at this video below taken using time-lapse tilt-shifted photography. […]

  4. this is so cool! and now, our sense of perception, what is art, and what is reality has changed, again! whoohoo!

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