Here comes the new hybrid, bicycle


Japanese electronics giant, Sanyo Electric's, electric motor assisted bicycle "Eneloop bike"

A couple months ago I told you about the new EV, Joule, coming to South Africa. This time there’s a new electric vehicle coming to the market soon, but it’s not a car, it’s a bicycle. It’s an electric motor assisted pedal bicycle with lithium-ion batteries that charge as you brake and offer assisted peddaling power to help you get up those hills a little easier. It’s not intended as an entry in the next Argus Cycle Tour or Tour de France but another one of Japan’s possible answers to lowering global emissions. 

The eneloop bike can travel 1.8 times faster than conventional bicycles thanks to the motor powering its front wheel, the company said.

Although, at the price they’re going to start at, not very practical, especially for us South Africans, with our current exchange rates. 


The bicycle sells for ¥136 290 ($1 430) and will be in stores in Japan from February 2009.

A company spokesperson said the firm also aims to launch the new bike overseas at some point in the future.

[via] [also more info on JapanToday]


3 Responses to “Here comes the new hybrid, bicycle”

  1. ezee have been selling electric bikes for quite a while in SA –

  2. havent seen these around london … maybe i need to go for a weekend to cambridge … but then amittedly, i can barely tell a motorbike from a bicycle … so the fact-finding trip might be a bit of a farce.

  3. love the happy girl in the pic – very manga like!

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