Kick YouTube to download videos

I’ve mentioned before the top 10 YouTube hacks and how to get videos to your desktop. Here’s probably the simplest of them all.

Simply pick your favourite YouTube video you’ve just viewed or want to view, but would rather download, and then all you need to do is insert the word kick infront of the URL. Now press enter to browse to the site and you’ll be presented with a toolbar at the top with download format options, pick the one you want, click go, and you’ll get it delivered to your browser in that format – it couldn’t be simpler.

What they’ve basically done is taken the same content that’s presented by YouTube and inserted their toolbar at the top of the page. For the bandwidth conscious types you might not like it, since it streams the video in the player window at the same time – so in effect you’re downloading two streams – but if bandwidth isn’t an issue and you jus want it in a different format – go ahead and try it out.

If you just visit you’ll be presented with an instructional video of how to use the site. [via Lifehacker]


4 Responses to “Kick YouTube to download videos”

  1. Some users might be a little bit confused about this new featureon you tube but i think its more helpful. – Cyruz of

  2. will give it a spin seeing that I don’t concern myself with a cap or anything as silly as that 🙂

  3. yep awesome method .
    Till now I was using

  4. wow great method .
    Till now I was using

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