Handy .Net tool for you

The dev. team at FishCodeLib have put together a handly little app (less than 700kb install and less than 6MB of memory usage), called Capture.Net that offers you a calendar, ruler, screen capture, colour picker, font viewer, alarm clock and note taker, privacy tool, and file format converter, all in one. You can even measure angles 🙂


I’m not a graphic designer, I’m a software developer, but building websites and web applications every now and again you need to capture something, or pick a colour and find out what it would be in hex, to use in your stylesheets. This is the tool for me, quicker than firing up a bulky graphics package. 

Note, however, that you need the .Net framework installed (but it’s compatible with all versions).

It’s free, so go and get your copy and try it out for yourself.  [via Lifehacker]


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