Cat almost uses up one of its lives

spokie2Just before the new year our cat, Spookie, simply disappeared without a trace. She’s gone missing once before but that was just for a little over a day as she managed to get stuck up a tree and was too small and not nimble enough to get down on her own.

Like clockwork she’s up with us in the morning’s walkiing with one of us to the kitchen to get her breakfast. We called the SPCA, local Vet in our area but no one had spotted her, nor had anyone brought her in.

This evening, almost a week after she went missing, the neighbour came knocking on our door, asking us if we were perhaps missing our cat. They have a granny flat (with 6ft high walls)  in their back garden, with it’s own enclosed garden and she had managed to get in, with no way out, since the flat resident was away. 

They heard the insistent meowing and when I jumped over the wall into the garden I found her hiding in a corner. We’re glad she’s joined us again and she’s very happy that she can get some much needed water and food again. 

All’s well that ends well!



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