Do you know where your child is?

num8_gps_watchYou can now locate your child via GPS. What’s new you ask? That’s old news, my kid has a mobile phone that they can’t live without and it has GPS, I hear you say?

Well, kids being kids, they tend to lose things. So then how do you find them? Well a tech firm, Loc8U, is launching its GPS tracker wrist-watch for kids. It is activated as soon as it is securely fastened to the child’s wrist and is shock- an water-proof. If the child manages to remove it, it sends a text message to your mobile with their exact position and a Google maps image of their location. The company offering the service also allows geo-fencing, which allows you to mark an invisible boundary which if the child crosses will also alert you via a text message on your mobile.

Something similar was launched at CES in 2006 but it was more of a push technology, allowing kids to call home/mom/dad. Whereas this version allows for passive/active tracking by parents.

Here’s a sample video of the num8 in action ast CES-2009:

Is it too big-brotherly? Will kids feel like parolees with parents knowing their every move? I don’t know about you, but I’m not the type of parent to leave my kids unattended anywhere, but with kidnappings, maybe this might help? What do you think? [via news24]


5 Responses to “Do you know where your child is?”

  1. Cool article – could you please give me some linklove as I covered this article before news24. Thanx

  2. Maybe if the watch were more stylish they will get more kids to wear it. Can I get one for my husband too 🙂

  3. What I need is GPS for my keys so I can find them in less than the usual three quarters of an hour it normally takes. Netstar, you listening?

    • @Matthew – remember the good old days you had that little thing on your key chain that if you whistled it’d beep – those were cool – something like that would be useful for finding one’s mobile when the battery is dead and you can’t remember where you put it 🙂

  4. I think that it is a good idea to be able to find your kids especially with everything that goes on in todays world. I know you can use a cell phone to track your child but, what if someone kidnaps your child and the phone gets thrown out the window at least they have there watch on. These watches come in different colors and there are other types of devices you can use as well. Some are shaped like teddy bears I would do anything to keep my grandbabies safe they are my life. As we continue to deal with pedifiles we need to keep finding new and innovative ways to protect our children.

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