Tilt Shift Maker website

I’ve been trying all weekend to get to the TiltShiftMaker website to try it out but it seems they’ve been inundated by people wanting to try out their free service. I wanted to try it out for myself before posting about it so I tried this morning and got it to work – the service is extremely straightforward and simple, it just seems they’re struggling with the demand.

Below is a photograph of the old Green Point Stadium I took while on a helicopter flip around Cape Town and the coast. It’s being replaced by the new stadium built for the FIFA 2010 Word Cup to be held in South Africa – I’d like to take another flip around town when it’s finished and take a photo of it for comparison. [via Lifehacker]


Tilt-shifted photo of Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa



5 Responses to “Tilt Shift Maker website”

  1. Nice! I’ve been at a few more since my post, and I’m amazed how your eye is tricked into thinking things are smaller than they are. Grass looks like moss, people look like mere toys. Loads of fun.

  2. Brilliant! Love the pic.

  3. […] Shift Air Application Earlier this year I posted about the Tilt-Shift Maker website which allowed you to create your own tilt-shift photographs […]

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