RIP: Tony Hart

I have fond memories as a child in the early 80’s seeing Tony Hart and his art gallery on TV. What made is special for me as a child was his little plasticine character, Morph. It was the earliest claymation I can remember and was definitely a springboard for other Aardman Studios characters, like Wallace and Grommit. 


tonyhartArtist and children’s presenter Tony Hart has died, aged 83.

Hart, who lived in Surrey, had suffered from health problems for a number of years, including two strokes. His family said he died peacefully.

The affable presenter inspired children to paint and draw on shows like Vision On, Take Hart and Hartbeat for nearly 50 years before he retired in 2001.

Fellow artist Rolf Harris led tributes, calling Hart “a very gentle and talented guy”.

“He enthused and inspired a whole generation of kids into creating their own works of art, simple or complex.

Condolences go out to the Hart family, his friends and all his fans. Another legend has gone.


4 Responses to “RIP: Tony Hart”

  1. (I didn’t realise HartBeat made it all the way to S.A.)

    Tony Hart was awesome, he inspired me each week to draw… in fact (show off embarassing fact time) I had a picture on ‘The Gallery’. I received a 5 pound book token and 2 postcards for my troubles, but best of all it was one of the pictures he stopped to say a few kind words about.

    • @Joe – yeah lots of BBC productions made it to our shores when I was a kid. That’s awesome, you got your 5 minutes of fame and a reward to show for it 🙂

  2. I also used to love seeing his show. Sad, sad day…

  3. what… that’s a shame… I to used to enjoy the motivation to draw each week.

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