Free Software: Smart Defrag

Is your hard- drive slowly becoming more and more sluggish? Is that little HDD LED almost permanently on while you work? Then it might be that your drive needs to be defragmented

As you work with files on your hard drive, creating, saving, moving, deleting, things get a little cluttered and out of order. The more cluttered things get, the longer it takes to find files on your disk. And unless you’re using Solid State Drives, it’s probably the biggest bottleneck on your system.

But wait, if you call now… no this isn’t some lame infomercial. I just want to tell you about a nice, free, hard disk defragmentation tool that I’ve been running for the last couple of days that has made an improvement on file access on the hard disk drive.

It’s called Smart Defrag. Why’s it smart, because it does the work for you, behind the scenes, even while you’re working. Yes, there is a built in defrag utility in Windows but it doesn’t work while you work. and yes there are others such utilities out there, but most want you to pay an arm and a leg for them – this one, is free!

Here’s what my hard disk looked like, in Smart Defrag, after I had just installed it – and ran it for the first time:


As you can see the drive was very fragmented (all those little red blocks signify that). And then after it had done it’s thing later on the next day I checked back by double clicking the Smart Defrag icon in the system tray and this was what it looked like:


No more red little blocks! And the response time of the drive is much quicker.  With the Smart Defrag’s options you can even set what thresholds (CPU usage and HDD activity) should be used to prevent Auto Defrag from ocurring to quickly when you might be very busy. And you can even schedule when you want it to run a full defrag.

It’s as simple as that – then forget about it, and it’ll do the work for you.

Go and download a copy now and try it out for yourself.


10 Responses to “Free Software: Smart Defrag”

  1. Cool I will try it out. How do you have time to maintain a blog boet?

  2. adding to DLQ – v’been thinking it’s only been 6 months since the new system but me is getting the feeling it’s time 4 a re-install

    Oh how quickly things can get outta hand 🙂

    You don’t perhaps have a ‘keep sh!t tidy’ utility? Oh crap – it might just get rid of windowze – LOL

  3. don’t temp me

  4. Dre – i’ve been going a year now without rebuilding – lets do it !!

  5. Vis Smaat Defrak kan like to suck!

    Used it to defrag my 80GB portable drive with about 29% free space. After several runs it was clearly not going to get the number of fragmented files down more than 500 or so. I fired up my trusty copy of O&O Defrag 2000 Freeware Edition and after two runs fragmented files were down to ZERO. BooYAH! Take that Smart Defrag, you wuss.

    OK, my ancient copy of O&O doesn’t support scheduled running but frankly getting great performance from an app I have to run manually is preferable to lacklustre performance from an app that runs on a schedule.

    • @Steve – I must admit I’ve been getting similar comments from other users who’ve tried to defrag disks with, what Smart Defrag assumes to be, too little free space and it struggles to defragment all files. I did however notice on my own machine that once the drive has been fully defragmented Smart Defrag keeps the drive in shape. So, maybe something the Smart Defrag developers can work on.

  6. I already use this great program. Can anyone tell me how much space is required to run the program? Windows default defragmenter requires 15% space…

    • @Awais – I’m not sure how much free space you have but like Windows Defragmenter the more free space you have available the easier/quicker it is to defragment the drive. You might want to check on their website for more details.

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