Vista Source Code

I’ve managed to get my hands on the much asked for, source code to Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system. Here it is below, now it’s open source 😉 [via BG]



15 Responses to “Vista Source Code”

  1. sorry but this is dumb, not funny at all

  2. It IS funny. Peter D must work for M$ don’t be so sensitive, Peter D!

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  4. People that don’t get the gag usually find it “dumb”.

  5. “Humor!” DEEMS where is the “U”? Please do not tell me you are turning into one of those US people that cannot be bothered to spell properly and call aluminium aluminum!? The lazy vowel droppers!!

    Oh, and Peter D, get a life dude!!

  6. @BG – no, if you look at the post tags you’ll see I always put in both “humor” and “humour” 🙂 Specifically for that reason.

  7. brilliant!

  8. seems rather accurate…

  9. Matthew A Kennedy Says:

    As a former Windows Programmer, now turned Mac OS, this is funny.

    Nice job!

    • is that what the source code looks really looks like?, because sometimes I get the feeling it is just trying to annoy people, especially when it gives those stupid hexadecimal error messages

  10. the funniest part is that this is one of those programs that has the main program as a void function, but it still returns something!

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