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POTD: Night Light

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Facebook being governed in an open way

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Earlier this month there was much furor over Facebook’s revised terms of service which they subsequently reverted back to the original and also opened up communicatin amongst their users to get feedback w.r.t the terms of service. Very positive turnaround, and a nice idea, but like someone said, it’s tough enough keeping order in a meeting with a dozen people but is it practical and possible to do so with millions in the meeting room?

With this in mind, Facebook have now opted to publish two documents, Principles and Statement of Rights and Responsibilites, which will replace the current terms of service. You can read both documents in their respective groups by following each link.

We’re honored that so many millions of people around the world have decided to bring Facebook into their lives to share information and experiences with friends and loved ones. We understand that gives us an important responsibility to our users.

History tells us that systems are most fairly governed when there is an open and transparent dialogue between the people who make decisions and those who are affected by them. We believe history will one day show that this principle holds true for companies as well, and we’re looking to moving in this direction with you. – read more on the Facebook blog.

VOTD: Music track made using only Windows XP/98 sounds

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You know the sounds your computer makes when a dialog pops up, or something goes wrong, or you’re notified about something. The default dings and tadas used in Windows XP and Windows 98 were used to make a musical track. Watch (or rather listen) to the video below. [via ChrisM]

Big Picture: At Work

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I’ve just come across the latest post at’s The Big Picture, of various people at work in various industries. It’s an impressive collection showing people from around the world, at work. [via]

When the economy makes big news, many photographs of people at work come across the wires, usually to help illustrate a particular story or event. By collecting these disparate photos over the past few months, I found that a global portrait emerged of we humans producing things. People assembling, generating, and building items small and large, mundane and expensive, trivial and important. I hope you enjoy this look into some people’s work lives around the world. (45 photos total) – source


An operator walks in the control room of the closed third unit of the nuclear power plant of Kozlodui north east of the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

Fewer than normal posts

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To my regular readers, all 11 of you :), sorry for the fewer than normal posts this month. Unfortunately work has gotten in the way. Yeah, don’t you just hate it when work gets in the way of fun things? Anyway, this phase of the project I’m currently on is coming to a close this month, so hopefully the pace will be more bearable from next month onwards and I’ll have a little more time to dig around for interesting things to share with you, or write a little rant or two.

To all the non-regulars, keep watching this space, always an interesting thing or two being shared here.

VOTD: So you think you can dance 2008: Robert Muraine

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This has got to be one of the most impressive displays of robotic movement, ever!

VOTD: Tilt-shifted music video

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Here’s a really cool music video (nice soundtrack) that has been tilt-shifted which makes it look even cooler – enjoy [via BoingBoing]