It’s not what you know – it’s who knows you

The power of word of mouth is nothing new, but it still amazes me at how effective it is. And with social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums, word spreads around like wildfire. And I’m not talking about the flaming that happens in some forums or blog post comment sections! 

Case in point, my blog post about money wasted on the IEC website. A close friend mentioned this issue and the petition I setup to a friend of theirs who knows someone at News24. What happens a little later is a reporter from News24 does a little digging and browsing around various blogs, forums and the like and voila, this morning a news article on about the buzz about the web regarding the IEC website.

And through word of mouth I got my 15 minutes of fame. But more importantly an issue has not only been highlighted by those in the know but the broader public has been made aware of it. Let’s see now if any action is taken.


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