Did you know, you already have your own brand?

Yup, thanks to the likes of Google and it’s almost endless terabyte indeces of information, you have a brand. And with the ever growing social-networking applications and websites, it’s even easier to build (or destroy) your brand.  The Wayback Machine’s Web Archive helps in this respect too.

You may have noticed, I mentioned “or destroy” your brand in the paragraph above. It’s because of the above that everything you do and say on the Internet (even sometimes not directly on the Internet, called Deep Web) is archived. More importantly is that it is searchable by just about anyone with a computer and access to the Internet. 

Take for example, the recent banter on my Money Wasted post, where you can quickly see in the comments how someone is ruining their reputation by what they do, say and how they say things on the Internet.

Another good example is the case mentioned by Seth on his blog, of someone looking for a housekeeper on Craigslist and googled the three prospective applicants and found them to be a binge-drinker, someone who admits quiting at the drop of a hat and someone convicted of shoplifting. 

So next time, before you say or do something online, think about what it’ll do to your brand.


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