29 tech phrases that should be banned.



Hello tweeple of the blogosphere – what are your thoughts of M$’s latest OS being talked about on teh intrawebs? Do you think all the sheeple are n00bs instead of l33ts and have they just been pwned? I can haz cheezburger. Srsly, ppl, you need to reboot! LOL

If you’re wondering what I’ve been smoking, not to worry, just follow the link on to Techradar’s article about the 29 tech phrases that you should be punched in the face for using to find out what I’m on about. If you understood the above, follow it anyway and see what phrases are fast becoming tech faux pas.


2 Responses to “29 tech phrases that should be banned.”

  1. L0lzorz, that was awesome! Though, I have some soul-searching to do, I must admit….. 😦

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