Talk about town, Cape Town weather

cpt-weather-5march2009It’s the hot topic in and around Cape Town right now – the weather! Why? Because it’s a stifiling 42 degrees outside in Cape Town today.

We just came back a little while ago from a presentation and tour of the new Green Point Stadium which was great, but we couldn’t wait to get back to our air-con filled offices to cool off a bit.

To some, 42 degrees (107 F)  may not sound too bad, if you live in the desert that is – but for Cape Town this definitely is an extreme – considering that our average temperature in Cape Town for this time of year usually ranges between 25 and about 32.

Update: 6 March 2009

It doesn’t look like the weather’s letting up, except maybe on Sunday for the annual Argus Cycle Tour.



4 Responses to “Talk about town, Cape Town weather”

  1. Those of us who work outdoors and/or lift heavy things all day are certainly feeling it! Apparently March is supposed to be Autumn, but between the lack of wind and the layer of smoke keeping heat in, it’s the summer we never had…

  2. hehe, I laughed at the “Vis: Very good” line in the image…. holy cow, the lasts few days have had anything BUT good visibility, between the haze, wildfire smoke, sweat burning my eyeballs, etc…

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