Broken Picture Telephone game review

I’m sure most, if not all, of you are familar with the game of quick draw, called Pictionary. And if you know it or have played it before you know how much fun it can be and what hailarious results come out of someone drawing their interpretation of a word or phrase and their partner having to guess that word or phrase.

Okay, now keep that idea in mind, got it? Good.

Now, remember the game you might have played when you were younger or in school, called broken telephone (or Chinese whispers)? You know the one, find a group of people and have one person whisper a phrase to one person, then that person whispers it to the next and so on until you get to the last person who repeats the message to the first. Then laugh at how the message got changed somewhere along the way.

Get that idea? Now, imagine the hilarious results if you put the two together? You then get the Broken Picture Telephone game. 

You can either start your own game, or join in an existing game. Whenever someone takes a turn they only ever see the previous phrase and have to draw it’s representation or the previous picture and have to describe what they see as accurately as possible. Oh, and just like most games, there’s a 10-minute time limit to each go. 

Once the last person has played the game you were a part of you get emailed a notification that the game has been completed with a link to the game so that you can see how it progressed and what the result was. 

Then you get things that start out like this:


Progress to something like this:


And finally, amazingly, end up with this:


Just take a look at some of the previous games I have been involved in for more hilarious examples.

Thanks to onelargeprawn for spotting this one!


3 Responses to “Broken Picture Telephone game review”

  1. Hurhurhur, very addictive 🙂

  2. […] suggest you take a look and try it out. Also, you can read a good description about it from Deems, but to paraphrase, its basically a cross between that old boardgame favourite, […]

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