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Lego Man telephonic job interview

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Lego Man attempts to get a job at a construction company by giving them a call. The guy on the other end tries to be as diplomatic as possible – listen the conversation below. [via DCP]


VOTD: Woman goes back to work after 30 years

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This had me almost rolling off my chair laughing – check it out below – it’s only 5 seconds but worth every second! [via Alex]

Big Picture: Jason Hawkes Man-made structures from above

Posted in General, Photography with tags , , , on Wednesday, 29 April 2009 by Deems’s Big Picture has featured Jason Hawkes’ photos a number of times before and I’ve re-posted those here and here. Today they’re featuring another sample of 26 photos he took while flying over various locations in a helicopter. Click through to enjoy the rest. 

Photographer Jason Hawkes returns to The Big Picture once more, this time venturing away from London (seen previously here and here). Recently, Hawkes has been carrying his Nikon D3 aboard helicopters around the world, hanging out the doorway and capturing landscapes – most somehow affected by humans – below. Today, he has shared with us 26 more of his favorite photos from above France, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, the UK and more – with links to Google maps where available. (26 photos total) – source

(© Jason Hawkes)”]bigpicture_2009_04_chrysler

HowTo: Generate a Mandelbrot using XSLT

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We’ve seen before how Mandelbrots can be mathematically generated using T-SQL and ASCII art.

XSLTs are used to transform XML documents into more readable information. Now someone’s taken the time to create an XSLT template to transform a few values in an XML file into a mandelbrot image also using 27 ASCII characters (each with their own colour). [via The Daily WTF]


VOTD: Honda Insight – Let It Shine

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A great marketing video shot for Honda’s new Hybrid vehicle, the Insight – largest LED screen made from car headlights. Check out the video below as well as the making of, below that, to see how it was done. [via joumaasa]

Advertising: Nando’s stick to their guns

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Not only do Nando’s provide great fast-food they also have a kick-ass marketing department, who don’t take crap from anyone, even if it ruffles a few feathers.

Not too long ago, just before our National elections, last week, Nando’s aired an advert about Change with a puppet called Julius, which got Julius Malema, leader of the ANC Youth League, hot under the collar, demanding they remove their advert or face millitant action!

Well, Nando’s met with Julius and agreed that they would change (blured out his face, altered his voice, and posted a message in the ticker at the bottom of the screen) their advert – below is the result – brilliant! [via Cherryflava

You can see the original advert at the bottom of this post.

Wolverine: X-Men 4

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It’s been almost 3 years since the release of the X-Men The Last Stand, the third installment in the series of X-Men movies based on the comic book characters. In a few days time it will be the 1st of May.

In some countries the 1st of May is known as May Day but in South Africa it’s known as Worker’s Day. But I digress – it’s also the international release date for Wolverine, the 4th installment of the X-Men movies where we’ll learn more about Wolverine’s character and past.

I’ve enjoyed the previous three movies so I’m looking forward to watching the fourth. Some may not have realised or know this but not all have been directed by the same person. The fourth is no different, as it’ll be directed by Gavin Hood. Who? I’ll explain in a second.

South Africa is making another name for iteself amongst the celebrities of Hollywood. First it was Charlize Theron who made South Africa proud by appearing in many block-buster movies and winning herself an Oscar for her performance in Monster. Now, Gavin Hood, another South African, former actor from a local TV-series called The Game, the director of the Oscar winning film, Tsotsi and now director of, what I’m sure will also undoubtedly be, another block-buster movie, Wolverine

Apparently, Hugh Jackman approached Gavin Hood directly for the director’s role of the movie as he was impressed with what Gavin had done with Tsotsi. Gavin’s never directed an action movie so this will be interesting – I know he’ll make us proud!