VOTD: 21 accents

Came across this video of a very talented lady by the name of Amy Walker who very seemlessly and (by my count) very accurately does 21 different accents. Take alook and see, or rather listen, for yourself.

If you’d like to see more of her work and learn how to pronounce various accents yourself, take a look at her YouTube channel.

Below is an interview with the talented Miss Walker and how this all started.

Also interesting to note that she’s been so surprised at how popular her 21 accents video became that she’s starting a project called Connected by SoulFire Films. She’s emploring individuals like yourself out there (1 million of them) to donate $1 to the project and your name will be on the list of credits.

To show the world that our personal SoulFire is increased exponentially when we work together. Instead of relying on a corporate studio to fund this film, we’re inviting YOU to join in the filmmaking process for only $1.00.

As a SoulFire Global Community Member, Your Name will be shown in the credits of the film “Connected”.

Members can interact and follow our progress as “Connected” journeys from script to screen.

The Larger Goal: to create a web community where Everyone can realize their SoulFire Dreams. United, our firsts have a power beyond anything we can do alone. – source SoulFire website.

To find out more about Connected and SoulFire Films check out the SoulFire website or her YouTube channel.


2 Responses to “VOTD: 21 accents”

  1. Having read (and absorbed) your warnings (in previous posts) regarding the eternal nature of my online voice and it’s ability to catch-up with me I will keep most of my truest thoughts to myself regarding this educational video. Maybe it is because I am similarly blessed or the fact that I have seen far better talents, that I do not see the marvel here. That said, I am sure she could do a far better job of a South African accent than either Leonardo or I could.

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