Planetoid photography

My brother has been experimenting a little this past weekend with taking panoramic photographs and then stitching them carefully together, touching them up a little and then almost wrapping them around a sphere to produce the result below called planetoid photos because they resemble planets or spheres.

I’ve tried my hand at taking panoramic shots with our compact digital camera but haven’t been in a good enough location to get the preferred results. I’ll definitely need to try this for myself soon and see how they turn out.





6 Responses to “Planetoid photography”

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  3. That is very cool. I have played around with stitching but never tried wrapping them around to get this effect. Nice job Alex!

  4. That looks cool, but isn’t your boet stretching things just a little too far? 😉

  5. Would it not work if you just took the photo through a glass ball?

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