Mopane Worms – A taste challenge

I’ve always enjoyed trying new things – never afraid to try something at least once. My wife seems to think I’d do well on a show like Fear Factor.

A friend went to visit family up in the Limpopo Province and I asked him if he’d bring back some Mopane worms for me to try. I’d never tasted them before and was keen to try them out.

Some say it’s a delicacy but in fact it’s a traditional source of protein for some South Africans. The mopane worm is actually the caterpillar of  a species of moth found in South Africa.

Needless to say I’ve had fun eating a few in front of colleagues, grossing them out – after all it is Friday.



The mopane (Gonimbrasia belina) worm


Adult Emperor Moth from the Mopane worm


Dried Mopane worms - a tasty mid-day snack (sitting on my desk)

I just love this description on the Wikipedia article:

When the caterpillar has been picked, it is pinched at the tail end to rupture the innards. The picker then squeezes it like a tube of toothpaste or lengthwise like a concertina, and whips it to expel the slimy, green contents of the gut.

Oh and if you think you can handle worse – why not check out The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World – thanks Baldricman.


8 Responses to “Mopane Worms – A taste challenge”

  1. I completed the challenge too!! *proud*

    Though I’m glad I did before I read wiki’s preparation description…

    • Hahahahahaha! +1 to Baldricman for taking up the challenge – yeah if you aren’t put off by the worm itself the preparation description should do it 🙂

  2. I also completed a similar challenge where someone took a live cow, killed it, cut off a massive chunk which I threw course chemicals on before burning it and then cutting into smaller pieces before eating it…

  3. YOU’RE SICK BASTARDS! Is life that boring?

  4. But how does it actually taste like??

    • @Diane – it’s quite a unique taste, they’re quite salty. The best way to describe it is to say it has an after-taste very similar to very dry biltong (beef jerky).

      I’ve not tried them cooked in a dish with some sort of salsa yet – but I’m sure the texture and taste might be different when they’ve been rehydrated.

      Thanks for visiting!

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