Mini wine-tasting tour


As I mentioned yesterday we went for our mini wine-tasting tour today, organised by Dina. We would have been nine altogether but just as luck would have it, three of the couples had to unfortunately cancel due to being overcome with flu (normal influenza, not the swine-type, well so we hope, anyway). 


So we drove through to pick up Mielie and we headed out to Stellenbosch to the Rustenberg wine-farm and drove up to their wine cellar and tasting room. I’d introduced Mielie to some of Rustenberg’s wine before so he knew he was in for a treat. We tasted three of their whites (although I’m more of a red wine fan, their white wine range is very good too) and three of their reds – ending with a 2005 Peter Barlow. Very smooth and enjoyable although a little pricey for some of their finer (top of the range) wines. We didn’t buy any there but since my brother-in-law works for the farm I still had a few good bottles of red in my collection at home.


We then headed out to Muratie only a few kilometers away. We parked around the corner from the wine tasting room in one of the cellars and walked quickly into the darkened cellar filled with cobwebs over 40 years old. We tasted their first time champagne, which although I’m not a champagne drinker was pretty good on the palette, as well as a few of their reds and finished off with a ruby port, which was very sweet. I bought two bottles of the 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon (I’m a sucker for a good Cab) which I’ll keep for another two years or so and then uncork to enjoy their goodness. 


After Muratie we drove a little further up the road to Delheim estate which was our final stop, as well as our lunch stop to conclude our mini wine-tasting tour. We stepped into the small cellar wine-tasting room, just opposite the restaurant and tried a few of the reds Delheim had to offer. Mielie ended up buying a couple bottles of the 2001 Shiraz and I opted for two bottles of the 2007 Pinotage, which will nestle themselves alnogside some of my other wines for a good few years before being uncorked and enjoyed.

Lunch was delicious and a very welcome end to our mini wine-tasting tour. The food was not only tasty but presented very well and importantly, in the current economic climate, quite affordable too. 

Definitely a good way to end off a long week of leave and a must for not only the international travellers to Cape Town but to the locals too – nothing quite like a easy drive into Stellenbosch, some fresh air, good company and really good wine!


5 Responses to “Mini wine-tasting tour”

  1. Delheim makes a Pinotage Rose that I’m rather fond of. They were one of the very first places I went wine-tasting at, so I’ve got fond memories of their small cellar.

    • I’ve not had Delheim wine in a long time so I’m looking forward to uncorking them in a few years time. I also want to make a trip to Boschendal again and try their Blanc de Noir and see if it’s still as good as it used to be many years ago when I last had some.

  2. In addition to hearing about the great time you had, this was a very nice wine tutorial.

    Hmm .. that was quite a bit of tasting .. did anyone have too much to drink. 🙂

    • Thanks, Koukla. Far from being a wine connoisseur, I just know what I like. To answer your question, no one had too much – then again, can one have too much good red wine?

      Interestingly, I found a bottle of Rustenberg’s Peter Barlow (2001) and John X Merriman (2002) in my wine collection when I got home (quite chuffed since they’re two of the most expensive wines Rustenberg currently sell) 🙂

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