VOTD: Jamie Pugh at Britain’s Got Talent 2009

A couple weeks ago, Britain, including the rest of world were stunned by the unimaginable performance of Susan Boyle, a 47 year old woman, from Scotland.

This past weekend Simon, Amanda and Piers were blown away by 37 year old, Jamie Pugh, from Wales, a pizza-delivery guy. Dubbed the shows most nervous contenstant, he plucked up the courage and strength to sing Bring Him Home from the West End musical Les Misérables. Again, proving to the rest of Britain, and the rest of the world, that Britain really does have talent. 

What many people, including the judges and audience, did not know was that tragedy had struck Jamie nearly 10 years ago when his wife, and mother of his son, died of a brain tumor. Jamie purposely did not want to bring it up before the show as he did not want the sympathy vote from the judges and the audience.

The 27-year-old died from a brain tumour, making Jamie a widower in just his 20s – and the former RAF engineer has battled since to rebuild his life.

Paul and Melanie Cole, who lived next door to Jamie and his late wife in Blackwood, Gwent, said he was a “broken man” when their “beautiful friend” died. – source WalesOnline

And it seems the bookies think Jamie has a good chance against Susan, from Scotland.

After his stunning performance last night, bookies installed him as the main rival to Scottish spinster Susan Boyle for the show’s £100,000 prize and a spot before the Queen at the Royal Variety Show. – source WalesOnline

Jamie has actually tried auditioning for a previous season of Britain’s Got Talent but was so nervous he couldn’t even sing for a producer.

He said: “I could hardly get my name out I was that nervous. But I got it into my psyche that I’m 38 and can only try for something for so long.”

Donna, whom he met seven years ago in a Blackwood pub and with whom he has a three-year-old son Ethan, put his name forward again this year and accompanied him to the audition.

Viewers heard him tell presenters Ant and Dec: “I suffer from severe stage fright. It has totally crippled me and I’ve come here today to see if I can get through three minutes.”  – source WalesOnline

You can read the full article and interview here on the WalesOnline website. Good luck Jamie!


3 Responses to “VOTD: Jamie Pugh at Britain’s Got Talent 2009”

  1. Wow, hectic. Now I almost wish that there weren’t 2 of these “surprise wonder” singers in the comp, cos its gonna suck when one of them has to lose.

    • True – although, with both having made such an impact on the judges I’m sure, win or lose, they’re winners because they will be picked up by the right people in the industry to take them further.

  2. […] became well known around the world as a singing ventriloquist. This year, millions watched as Jamie Pugh and Susan Boyle became instant celebrities with their surprising singing […]

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