Are you playing EuroMillions?

pound_coinsThis Friday’s jackpot is sitting at £110 million! 

Picture a pound coin – got it? Now picture a pile of 110 of them. Now picture 1 million of those piles – yup – got it now? That’s how much you could win in this Friday’s jackpot!

Considering the news I got yesterday (more on that later in the week) I thought it fortuitous to purchase a few tickets to this Friday’s draw. It’s only £4 a ticket – what have you got to lose? Just think of the possibilities.

A friend posted earlier this month about what she would do if she won the lottery. My wife just asked me what I’d do if I didn’t *have* to work anymore? You know what – I’d probably still do what I do now, develop software and solutions and blog – except the difference would be I wouldn’t *need* to do them for money and I could pick the jobs I wanted and even do charity software development – I wouldn’t know what to do with myself otherwise. 

A nice piece of land for us so that we can build a house to our own specifications, a good family car (and of course something nice for daddy to take for a spin on Sunday morning’s). We’d probably give a sizeable chunk to each other’s brothers and sisters to help them out too. Other than that I somehow doubt we’d change otherwise, other than a few wise investments for our kids’ futures.

What would you do? Would you change? Would you know how?


3 Responses to “Are you playing EuroMillions?”

  1. Yes I am definitely playing! It’s £1.50 per ticket – where do you get £4 from Deems? I am running a lottery syndicate at work and my boss’s boss, who was recently given the boot (big loss sadly – but who understands what companies do most of the time anyway), is also playing. Last week’s was £89 million. We played 36 lines and we won £25.50 which we are obviously rolling over into this week. If I won I would donate a large chunk to these guys,, who are doing great work fighting the evil, terrorist Japanese who are slaughtering whales for profit in the name of “Research”.

    Hold thumbs for the whales!

    • I guess that’s the benefit of buying tickets locally costing you less. Yeah I read last week rolled over into this week. I’m hoping my £20 will have been spent wisely – last time we also played in a syndicate but unfortunately didn’t get anything – holding thumbs for us both!

  2. […] I can now finally blog about what I alluded to last week. There’s been some water-cooler talk at work for some time now over the concern for lack of […]

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