Tilt-Shift AIR Application

TiltShiftGeneratorToolbarEarlier this year I posted about the Tilt-Shift Maker website which allowed you to create your own tilt-shift photographs online.

Adam, from Lifehacker, has just reviewed another website with an Adobe AIR application you can use online or (like I did) download it to your machine and create your own tilt-shift photographs offline. 

It’s a powerful yet simple application with an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly create those tilt-shifted photographs without needing to spend thousands of dollars on a real tilt-shift lense for your camera.

Simply click the Open button and load one of your favourite photographs, click the point on the photograph you wish to focus on (a crosshair will appear on the photo) and adjust the settings accordingly and you’ll see the adjustments in realtime. When you’re don’e simply click the Save button to save your tilt-shifted photograph. [via Lifehacker]


2 Responses to “Tilt-Shift AIR Application”

  1. These apps and web sites are all well and good but I prefer to do this manually for one simple reason. None of them allow the gradient mask that controls the blur to be tilted, meaning that the fake depth of field being created is always perfectly vertical. I like doing it manually so that I can angle the fake focus plane if I like, and I usually do like.

    • Thanks Steve – yeah you’re right it doesn’t give you as much of the flexibility as doing it yourself but it might help those who don’t know all the tricks 🙂

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