Real-time News

Isn’t the power of the internet, coupled with blogging and micro-blogging amazing?

I was at home this morning when I heard on the news about a fire in Cape Town that had gutted a backpackers lodge (just around the corner from our office building). 

At the same time I was checking my RSS feeds, reading email and I saw a new tweet from a mate of mine about the fire with a photo and a post on his blog about it.

A quick search of my local news feeds and Twitter and no one else had picked up on this yet. Only after I got to the office, and took a few pictures myself, did the other news agencies pick up on it.

Does it mean journoulists should be worried about their jobs – nope – but I do think they should be keeping their ears and eyes open to other bloggers and micro-bloggers. After all this isn’t the first time news stories have broken out on the Internet even before news agencies and journalists have picked up on it.

Loop Street backpackers fire in Cape Town

Taken from my office window this morning.



6 Responses to “Real-time News”

  1. baldricman Says:

    Interesting thoughts there man. I kind of wonder whether, short of official press-releases and interviews, news in the near future will be driven by blogging and micro-blogging, with the news-houses following up on them with fuller investigation. In my opinion, the news agencies do a generally shoddy job of “breaking news” anyway, so perhaps they should stick to investigative journalism, and let it be initiated (for the most part) by “real people”, who are “on the ground” (or on the 3rd floor, as the case may be)

    • Thanks! As much as news agencies might like to think there just aren’t enough journalists around to get all the news all the time as it happens. But there are a whole lot (and growing at an incredible pace) of bloggers out there – real people who can break the latest news in their area quicker than the journalists can. With just about every mobile phone now days having a built-in camera and just about everyone owning a phone, it’s so easy to have let the world know what’s happening before the big news agencies even have a chance to make the call and send out a journalist and photographer.

  2. Those photos are great. Hmm .. side job perhaps? 🙂

    Btw .. I absolutely love the gorgeous architecture of those buildings. I had no idea.

    • Thanks Koukla. I probably should take my photography further – it’s just the financial and time investment I don’t have at the moment. Well, I might have the time available next month, but not the money, yet.

      It’s a pity about the building as it had quite a historic architecture to it.

      Btw, before I left the office this evening the fire-crew were still busy and they finally had clearance to remove the bodies from the building.

      • I certainly understand about the financial investment. Perhaps someone will recognize your talent for being alert and your skills in journalism & photography.

        Do they know how many people died? I read about the four people being hospitalized but the article didn’t mention how many died. VERY SAD! How did it start .. do they know yet?

      • Well, we’ll see what happens 🙂 The last count I read was four people died. They’re still assessing the situation but initial reports are that it could have been arson. There’s also a lot of controversy around the lodge and the management with regard to eviction and padlocking of emergency exit doors.

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