VOTD: Julia Dales – Beatboxer

My brother just sent me a link of this 17-year old girl, Julia Dales, from Canada, beatboxing. Now I’ve seen some impressive beatboxing, even beat-boxing while playing the flute – but this girl’s got talent! Check it out. In fact, she won the Online Beatboxing Championship this year! You can see the other runners up videos here.

Here she is performing at a talent show – girlz got skillz!


4 Responses to “VOTD: Julia Dales – Beatboxer”

  1. no wonder she won that competition, she’s got some mad talent

  2. Congratulations Julia Dales!

  3. Yeh! I have to admit, Julia Dales is the best beatboxer I have ever heard!

    She’s got great talent, and the speed and the variety of noises and sounds are well – being a drummer, I know how well she does what she does! I do similar beats on the drums, but would never try to do that with my mouth and throat! We can tell she sings as well, and plays a number of other instruments, and so all together, this little lady has a better than good chance to win this contest, if she gets to Germany!

    Hope you get there girl, and will have to look see who won! Congrads!

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