VOTD: Literal Music Videos

I’m sure you’ve seen one or two of these before, you know where you wish they sang about what was actually happening in the music video – especially A-Ha’s Take On Me literal video.

I found these other ones that I just had to share with you. I just watched the Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse Of The Heart literal video and thoroughly enjoyed it – hope you do too. [via UtterInsanity]

Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse Of The Heart

A-Ha – Take On Me

Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Under The Bridge

Bill Idol – White Wedding

Rick Ashley – Never Gonna Give You Up

Starship – We Built This City

Slightly different – this video clip tries to depict the actual lyrics of the song – not what went on in the original music video.

A literal take on ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’, by the Buggles.

This was made for Leeds Student Television (ls:tv), and won a National Student Television Award (NaSTA) in 2007.

Also a little different – someone’s own rendition of James Blunt’s music video for Beautiful – classic!

For more check out DustFilms Literal Videos and these search results on YouTube.


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