Optical illusions: 3D sidwealk chalk drawings

I’ve shared with you some great three-dimensional artwork by Tracy Lee Stum and John Pugh. If you enjoyed those check out a great gallery on the Mighty Optical Illusions website for some more great chalk artwork – amazing how a little perspective in a drawing makes it almost come alive. [via Mighty Optical Illusions]



This last picture I’ve added to this post was done by an artist by the name of Kurt Wenner. Check out his gallery on his portfolio site to see some more great works by him.



5 Responses to “Optical illusions: 3D sidwealk chalk drawings”

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  2. Hey Everyone! I love art especially when it seems so real. One of my favorite types of art is sidewalk 3d chalk art. Enjoy

  3. thats freeeeeeaaaaaakin awesome!!! he must have alot of time on his hands….i want him to come to lubbock,texas and remodle our sidewalks

    BIG FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is AWSOME! Im eating ritz crackers enjoying these photos 🙂

  5. those illusions are awesomeeeee

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