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POTD: Awesome key!

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Yup, that’s the AWESOME key alright, favoured by commenters 🙂 [via Funtasticus]



Visual Studio 2008 Bug

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A little while back my Visual Studio 2008 on my work PC started giving me hassles where it just decided to stop tracking the active file I’m working on in the Solution Explorer.

I just ignored it up until now but it’s been bugging me again so I wanted to know what was up. Some people were saying it was a Vista and VS2008 SP1 issue but I’m almost certain it wasn’t always acting like this.

It seems there’s a little checkbox that just needs to be checked again to rectify this.

With the Visual Studio 2008 IDE open go to Tools -> Options and click on the Projects and Solutions node in the tree list.


Then simply make sure the “Track Active Item in Solution Explorer” checkbox is ticked and click OK – et voila, your solution explorer is working like it should be again.


Most expensive pizza order ever

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We had friends over for pizza and poker last night which was a blast. Red wine, poker, pizza and good friends is always a good combination.

So after everyone arrived, we decided on what pizzas to order and after about 40 minutes drove around the corner to go and pick them up. I checked the order and paid for them. They were great pizzas, the wine was very good, and so was the company.

Only the next morning however, did I happen to glance down at the table where the till-slip was still lying and thought something looked odd. Normally, in South Africa, till slip amounts are prefixed with the R (Rand) symbol to denote the currency.

Now I know that times are tough in our current economic climate and business need to make a profit but charging customers in South Africa in dollars is maybe a little excessive?


Luckily it was only a regional setting issue on the till and not that I was being charged R3010 ($388) for 6 pizzas!

RIP Snowy

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Woke up this morning to prepare Melissa for Sunday school classes and as I looked out the back-door window I noticed one of our two rabbits lying on the grass. But something looked out of place, she was lying on her side as opposed to on her stomach or curled up. And they never slept out in the open in winter, only in their hutch.

I went outside to pick her up but only felt a lifeless, yet still somewhat warm, body of Snowey. She didn’t appear to have any broken limbs or any lacerations. There wasn’t any blood anywhere which, to my untrained eye, lead me to believe she probably died of natural causes or a heart-attack maybe, although she was only a little over 3 years old (we got them just before Rebecca was born, so that Melissa wouldn’t feel too left out since mommy was about to have a baby). Snowy had a set of 7 babies about 6 month after we got them and we had the male, Spikey, fixed shortly thereafter. Both rabbits have been healthy up until now and there’s been no change in their diet or health.

So upon Melissa’s request this morning we had an impromptu burial, hand-made cross and all for Snowy. RIP.

Big Picture: Total eclipse, of the sun!

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Simply stunning! [via Big Picture]

Earlier today, the moon passed directly in front of the sun, causing a total solar eclipse that crossed nearly half the Earth – through Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and China. Today’s was the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting as much as 6 minutes and 39 seconds in a few areas. Despite cloudy skies in many of the populated areas in the path, millions of people gathered outside to gaze up and view this rare event. Collected here are a few images of the eclipse, and those people who came out to watch. (33 photos total)


Much of the sun's corona becomes visible as the moon passes between the sun and the earth during a total solar eclipse, seen above Varanasi, India, Wednesday, July 22, 2009. (AP Photo/Saurabh Das)

One year of blogging

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Wow! A whole year has just about flown by. I can’t believe it was already a year ago today, that I posted my first blog post, sharing my thoughts with the world wide web.

So much has happened since then. I was on two weeks leave between jobs, my kids had just had their birthdays, I was thinking about the changes in my life and where my career was heading. And at the same time, thinking, how would I be able to get more than a handfull (at best) of people to read my blog, you know that “hello, is this thing on?“, microphone test.

It wasn’t easy I’ll tell you that – anyone that thinks it’s easy to start a blog, on their own at that, is very much mistaken, especially if you don’t only intend on using it purely as a sounding board for your thoughts, but also a place people will want to come back to. A place to use as a point of reference, be it for something technical, like code or an application review or info about a hidden/hard-to-find feature but maybe just about something you too might find funny (which I hope I got right with my various posts about funny pictures, videos) and even those that brought a tear to your eye, or made you think a little deeper about something.

I can not only see by the number of posts each month (which up until a few months ago, averaged a post a day) but by the daily and weekly stats of visitors just finding my blog posts via various searches and linked posts/websites that I’ve not been giving it my all lately. I’ve tried though – but it’s tough, to find the time to juggle everything in life, and find the time to blog too. Thank you to my loyal friends who keep reading and commenting on the odd blog post or too, and to those I don’t know but do come back again and again to read my ramblings and share their thoughts too, I really do appreciate it. I now know, my voice out there, in the massively tangled  up web, is actually heard, or read – so thanks! I’ll try and keep it up and let’s look back where we are in a year from now – yup, that’s a challenge.

VOTD: Ukraine’s Got Talent

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It’s not only America or Britain that has Got Talent. In 2007, Terry Fator won America’s Got Talent and instantly became well known around the world as a singing ventriloquist. This year, millions watched as Jamie Pugh and Susan Boyle became instant celebrities with their surprising singing talents.

This year the Ukraine is no different in showing that they too have talented people. The winner of this year’s Ukraine’s Got Talent is not a singer but an equally talented performer, Kseniya Simonova, with Sand Animation. Just take a look at the video below and you’ll see why she was chosen as the country’s winner.

Part 1

Part 2