June wrap-up

I know, things have been a little on the slow side over here my blog. I’ve been trying, I really have – thing is I’ve just been very busy this month. But it’s been a good month, let me tell you that.

First month completed at the new company has gone really well. Been working hard on an internal project that I demo’ed to the directors and then ran a series of load tests on. Got very positive feedback with a few bugs and feature requests which I’ve got most out of the way already, so things are looking up!

I moved my mobile phone contract  from one provider to another and got myself a new phone. I call it my iPhoney.


Actually to give LG props, it’s actually a pretty good touchscreen smartphone. It’s the first LG phone I’ve owned – after not being impressed by Nokia’s range a few years ago I opted to try out Samsung and I enjoyed their phones (D500 and my previous phone the D900). I wanted to get a nice Samsung Jet or S8300 but they’re not too expensive packages right now and purchasing the phone without a contract just isn’t an option for me right now. So I settled on the runner-up, LG’s KP500.

It’s not a multi-touch screen like the iPhone but it works well, it’s responsive and pretty quick. The big bonus for me is finally having a phone that’s smart enough to run multiple applications and allowing you to easily switch between them. For example checking your email, browsing my news feeds on Google Reader, sending an SMS and taking a call – multitasking WIN! It has a built-in accellerometer so that you can rotate it for viewing web sites and photos, etc in landscape view instead of portrait. It does have a few drawbacks, like not having 3G or WiFi capabilities but I’ve been using 2G/GPRS/Edge for a while now and I’ve gotten used to it (also its data cost is much cheaper than 3G).

It does have Bluetooth though and is USB 2.0 compatible which makes transferring stuff a breeze actually. In fact, I used Bluetooth just the otherday to pull all my data from my Samsung D900 to my PC and then imported all that data, again with Bluetooth to my LG KP500 and voila all my needed data on my new phone. It also has a MicroSD slot for memory cards and came pre-installed with a 1GB card.

Another toy I also got this week is my Vantec NexStar portable 2.5″ drive enclosure with a 320GB Seagate drive – going to make transferring stuff to and from work a breeze now.

Coming soon (on order) is my personal Dell Voxtro laptop – more on that soon.

Otherwise, looking forward to a weekend away with friends in Yzerfontein. Till next time!


4 Responses to “June wrap-up”

  1. Nice looking phone! So you finally got rid of that brick that you bought when you watched the movie Wall Street? Good man!

    What is the spec on the Dell Voxtro? I think we have those here as well. I am looking at getting a Studio next year when I can give my current aged Inspiron to my boet.

    Check this: conspiracyoftherich.com You can read the book for free! VERY interesting!!!

    Enjoy Yzerfontein!

    • LOL – haven’t had a “brick” phone for a very long time. The D900 is nice and slim – in fact slimmer than the KP500.

      The Voxtro spec is a Core 2 Duo 2.1GHz, 2GB RAM, 15.4″ wide screen with built-in web cam, 256MB video, 160GB HDD and DVD writer.

      I’ll take a look at the site. Yzerfontein was awesome – we had such nice weather too – especially considering it’s the middle of winter!

  2. @BG .. your wit keeps me rolling off my chair!

    Demitri .. Your new phone (hehee iPhoney) looks pretty cool. Bluetooth is great. It makes for quick and easy transfers.

    Whoa .. that Vantec NexStar portable drive enclosure sounds awesome .. and 320GB! You are all set.

    • My sister-in-law has an iPhone (since before it became available in SA) and for her to be impressed by the responsiveness of the LG says something 🙂 So, I think I made a good call, considering I didn’t get to play with one before buying it.

      That brings me to question as to why can’t mobile phone makers supply the chains selling the phones with working versions for customers to test out. The little plastic molded look-alike in the display cabinet means nothing!

      I’m really enjoying having this little Vantec, I don’t know how I got through without having a nice size portable drive – after one weekend it’s already full!


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