LED Graffiti

As technology advances, so does graffiti. Now instead of vandalizing public property, graffiti artists can get an LED spray can and with a friend and a camera with a long-exposure function you can take pictures like these below. Tag it, using light, instead of paint.

It’s in the shape of a spray can, with a pressure sensitive LED and a coil and magnet so that you can shake it, just like a real can, to recharge it. You can find out more here. [via Cherryflava]




6 Responses to “LED Graffiti”

  1. It’s awesome!
    May I copy those 02 pix to my blog?

  2. severnyproductions Says:

    thats so cool

  3. paramountplaces Says:

    it is great , beautiful and awesome .

  4. Very cool.

    Just a thought. The administration should think about using some of the ill-fated stimulus funds to distribute these to all the states for their graffiti artists instead of giving more money to the corrupt banks. 🙂

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