VOTD: Perpetuum Jazzile Choir

You might not have heard of them before. They’re a Slovenian Choir group called Perpetuum Jazzile and they do some amazing a capella work. Just take a look for yourself at the video below where they emulate the sound of a thunderstorm followed by their a capella version of Toto’s famous track, Africa. You can find out more about them on their website (in Slovenian or in English) or follow them on Facebook or on Twitter. [via Koukla]

More videos here, on Youtube.


3 Responses to “VOTD: Perpetuum Jazzile Choir”

  1. Hi Deems,

    I’m a member of Perpetuum Jazzile (shortly PJ) and I would just like to correct you on one thing. Our website is mostly in English (http://www.perpetuumjazzile.si/en/), and yes, some parts are not (informations about singers etc) but we are working on that! Greetings from Ljubljana, Slovenia

    • @Mojca – thanks for stopping by and for the correction – I’ve updated the post accordingly. Keep up the great work. You and the rest of PJ are a group of very talented people – looking forward to more of your work.

  2. Very nice of Mojca to post. Best of luck to the group .. they’re fantastic.

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