Sveto Teksty aka HoryMa

Can’t seem to find too much about Sveto Teksty other than his pictures and his website, but my Russian isn’t what it used to be. Needless to say a picture is worth a thousand words, and his do just that. I can’t quite explain the style but they’re quite mesmerising. Take a look at a few samples below (you can click on each thumbnail for a bigger version) or take a look here or on his website for more. [via The Chive]


2 Responses to “Sveto Teksty aka HoryMa”

  1. I came across the work of Horyma a few days ago and cant stop looking at them. They are (as you say) mesmerising. Fantastic…..

    I have been searching ever-since for tutorials or tips on the techniques he uses but, cant really find anything !

    Some, if not all, have been primarily created with a digital camera using long exposures and the painting with light technique using a torch or similar but, it is the post production techniques which interest me.

    Anyone ?

    • @Duska – thanks for visiting and commenting – yes, it seems to be a combination of long exposure as well as some post-processing but as to the exact details of the techniques, I’m afraid I cannot help.

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